History and present in chemical information instruction

Vortragsfolien von Bartow Culp. Bartow hebt Wilhelm Ostwald, Marion Sparks und M.G. Mellon als Pioniere der Chemieinformation hervor!

SLA DCHE – 2006 Conference Poster Session
Eine neue Bruecke/A new bridge? (color poster also available)
F. Bartow Culp (bculp@purdue.edu), Mellon Library of Chemistry, Purdue University

The Information Divisions of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the German Chemical Society (GDCh) have recently established a joint committee to promote mutual cooperation. Two major goals of the committee will be to further chemical information instruction (CII) and information literacy (IL). This presentation will highlight some of the committee’s efforts in these areas and give some of the history of CII and IL in both countries, and of their current levels.