Den Begriff Informationskompetenz reformieren

Eine französische Dissertation mit dem Titel "La culture de l’information en reformation" von Olivier Le Deuff (vgl. auch meinen Blog-Eintrag vom Dezember 2008!). Schade, das mein Französisch nicht gut genug ist, um so etwas bequem zu lesen.

The aim of this work is to define the culture of information in a conceptual way. The genealogical and archaeological examination of the concept shows a diversity of representations.

We will try to demonstrate the various inheritances of the culture of information. This is a technical culture in Simondon‘s way, that is to say a culture which is not only based on the usages of the technical objects, but also on their understanding. This relationship with technical objects is called state of majority by Simondon. This state is close to the state of maturity of understanding as defined by Kant in his text about the Enlightenment. We will also examine the proximity between culture of information and information literacy. Lots of researches observe a convergence with old and new media.

The culture of information is becoming increasingly becoming a culture of communication or a culture of hypomnemata as defined by Stiegler.

We will try to show new ways of development of the concept of culture of information particularly to allow an intergenerational transmission.

Keywords : culture of information, information literacy, literacies, young generations